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Welcome to the SQLDBTools website

This site is mainly dedicated to SQLDBDiff, a visual, fast and powerful tool which compares and synchronizes the schema and the data of SQL Server databases.

With SQLDBDiff, you save hours analyzing the structure and the data of your databases, in order to determine what was changed between your development and production environments.

This tool is available in two versions:

1. Freeware version: Completely free without any evaluation period. This version compares and synchronizes SQL Server database schemas.

2. Shareware version: Compares and synchronizes the schema and the data of two or many SQL Server databases.

SQLDBDiff Shareware version is the unique tool on the market that includes the possibility to compare many databases to the same master database, all in one operation.

SQLDBDiff is available in English and French languages and supports SQL Server 2005 and 2000.

All tools in this site are developed with C#, ADO .Net and SMO. The tools are very safe and did not alter or create any objects (even temporary) in your databases.

Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 is required.